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the world of water

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audits and studies

water monitoring, energy efficiency audits, climate risks audits. technical, economical, feasibility studies, dimensionning and selection.

sampling and analysis

water analysis, on-site analysis, sampling services, legionnella and sanitary monitoring, diagnostics and recommandations.

rivers and bathing places

bathing water profiles accoding for the European, French, German or South African reglementation, climate impact, risk analysis.

“water is the driving force of all nature”.

– Leonardo Da Vinci

water is a living element, it is constantly changing.

it is directly impacted by the environnement, the climate and many other parameters.

there are different types of water: surface water, underground water, but also in closed circuits with or without treatment.

without water, plants and human being cannot live. cooking, transportation, energy generation, cooling and many more tasks cannot be performed without water.

each situation requires specific care, dedicated knowledge and practical experience to ensure safe and sustainable activities.

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selected services

DIY hardness test kits

Water Hardness test strip measures water hardness due to calcium carbonate is calibrated at 0, 5, 12,5, 25, and 50 °F

Determine whether you have hard or soft water in just seconds.

  • Water-resistant label
  • 50 test strips
  • Resealable bag

drinking water pool testkits

under construction

water calender

under construction

water efficiency audit

under construction

climate risks audit

under construction

swimmping pool testkits

under construction


key areas of work

surface water

lakes and rivers

vital network, regulation centres, ecosystem full of life or multipurpose supply, rivers and lakes are a essential. Taking care of them too.

underground water

underground water

hidden reservoirs

strategic reserves, backbone of our daily lives underground water is today more important than ever. sustainable management is the key.

pool water

closed circuits

here is water part of a closed system with a dedicated treatment. maintenance, energy efficiency and continuous improvement help tackling technical, economical and sanitary risks.


water articles

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