Energy and water are intricately connected. All sources of energy including electricity require water in their production processes: the extraction of raw materials, cooling in thermal processes, in cleaning processes, cultivation of crops for biofuels, and powering turbines. Energy is itself required to make water resources available for human use and consumption through pumping, transportation, treatment, and desalination.

– United Nations, Departement of Economic and Social Affairs.

Bridging the gap between sanitary safety and energy costs

Today the increasing energy demand and prices are impacting the availability and cost of suitable infrastructure. It has a negative impact on our CO2 footprint and… our budget.

We help you to develop a sustainable water and energy management, we guide you to realise your projects and constantly improve the efficiency of your installation and to chose solutions with the lowest possible consumption.

calculating your annual consumption and electricity costs

water quality

water is a living environnement, it varies permanently.

A clear transparent water doesn´t mean it is safe.

To ensure an optimal performance of your installation and for sanitary risks prevention, regular controls are recommended.


mobile lab

certified analysis

thermo-visual inspection

leakages – moisture – flow- temperature

Rapid and economical services, using thermo-visual equipment. Ideal for leakage detection, maintenance work, renovation, perfomance optimization, audit, inspection an and more.

have a look at what you can´t see

  • closed circuits
  • heating systems
  • cooling systems
  • open reservoirs
  • buildings / houses
  • pipes and tanks
  • industrial installation
  • natural environnement

🔎 behind the invisible

selected references

effluent pre-treatment study diary production

France, 2018

mine water treatment upgrade

South Africa, 2019

heating circuit audit for high school

France, 2020

testing facilities cooling circuit audit – heavy component manufacturing plant

France, 2021

Membrane BioReactor (MBR) upgrade study for pharmaceutical production plant

France, 2021

wells upgrade including borehole testing, pump and well renewal

France, 2022