“water is the driving force of all nature”.

– Leonardo Da Vinci

energy efficiency

sustainable water engineering

BleuFuture is dedicated to sustainable and environmental friendly operation management. Because in a large majority of applications power and water are both a significant source of CO2 emission and costs.

Our objective is to offer the best support and solution to our customers to reduce the water and energy related carbon footprint of their insfrastructures. This is part of the so called “Energy-Water-Food-Nexus” that will increasingly impact our daily lives.

Therefore and to go beyond water, BleuFuture has teamed up with international partners to develop future solutions. Together we offer a range of audits, studies and project to reduce the carbon footprint of industrial sites and buildings.

Thinking efficiency: Bleufuture is committed to track leakages and infrastructure performance. Need a check? we provide quick response with technical equipement to track hidden dysfonctionnements.

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legionella prevention

avoiding sanitary risks – legal compliance with general regulations

…starting with a few definitions…


…are bacteria present in various environmental media. They thrive in water environments, particularly at temperatures between 25°C and 43°C. It is important to control domestic hot water systems such as hot water tanks and drawing points, in particular showers and showerheads, cooling towers and all types of swimming pools, spas and leisure pools.


…is a disease, more precisely a pneumopathy, a pulmonary infection caused by legionella bacteria. The contamination occurs by inhalation of fine droplets of contaminated water.


Main general elements of legionella monitoring

– networks and installations inventory
– procedures and realisation of punctual and regular sampling
– analysis, interpretation of results and diagnosis
– identification of potential sources of contamination
– detailed analysis of risky processes such as cooling towers, misting installations, etc…
– general risk analysis
– management plan and implementation
– protection and prevention rules and measures
– disinfection programs

In addition, the requirements defined by the regulations in force on the territory and for the sectors of application.


Legionella elimination processes in continuous operation or with a punctual shock dosage:

– thermal disinfection, hot water
– chlorination with sodium chloride, chloride oxide or mono-chloramine
– peroxide dosing
– ozone injection
– UV disinfections and sterilisation
– electrolysis
– ionisation with copper and silver ions
– ultrafiltration


Examples of services provided:
– prevention and management schemes for sports complexes, hospitals, rest and care facilities, hotels and companies
– sampling, analysis and diagnostic campaigns
– selection, sizing and implementation of treatment


BleuFuture: beyond knowledge

Develop your critical water skills and boost your activities with a set of specific training, learn strategic water and energy basics.

basic trainings

water quality & management basics

water treatment basics

pumping basics

energy efficiency in water treatment

legal knowledge for water & waste water management

legionella and sanitary water montoring

advanced trainings

professional advances trainings, customized trainings or upskilling can be designed on demand.

BleuFuture and KIYK propose a full range of technical and professional courses.

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