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Beautiful wellness places require a constant care. Because water is a living element, it never stay the same. Swimming, bathing, but also changes in weather and temperatures can modify the water quality.

To avoid sanitary risks and water pollution, contamination or diseases, a constant monitoring and care is required.

BleuFuture has develop several services along a 360° approach:

  • water analysis
  • diagnosis
  • recommendations
  • appropriate water treatment proposal
  • pool audit
  • energy efficiency report
  • pumping audit
  • appropriate pool and wellness selection
  • system dimensioning

winter stop ? seasonal maintenance? re-opening your pool?

check your installation!

We indicate you the adequate procedure to avoid any surprises.

Following more and more energy transition guidelines for green growth, monitoring and maintenance of housing is now integrating a regular care of swimming pools.

The maintenance of the individual swimming pool, as well as these periodic analyses, must be managed carefully. BleuFuture carries out the analysis, the report complies with this regulatory obligation with the treatment advice to be applied.