water efficiency and sustainability: identify your own environmental friendly solution with the best return on investment

Water engineering has many faces: whether you are looking for a new well, recycling your wastewater, upgrading your cooling and heating circuits, or thinking about a new pool, a set of technical, environmental, financial but also legal elements to take in account in your considerations.

Today climate change impacts are growing and affecting our infrastructure, extreme rains, heat, prolonged droughts but also icy conditions are putting water quality, systems and equipment into the test.

Bleufuture offers advice services, audits and inspections for systems and equipment with the scope of the best performance. Behind a quality approach in accordance with the ISO 90001 standard, we aim to work according for appropriate, sustainable and environment friendly solutions.

Our objective is to offer the best long-term solutions with the best achievable return on investment and operating costs.


audit: environmental management

audit: energy efficiency

audits: pumping and wells


equipment selection

technical studies

water treatment process design


cooling circuits

drinking water equipment



pumping and boreholes

sanitation services

wastewater recycling

water. energy. food. future.